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Selecting a domain name for your niche and get a good traffic

phil collins | 11/11/2012 |

How to select a domain name for your niche and get a huge traffic?

Once you have selected your niche, now its time for your domain name. First we should know what actually domain name is?

Domain name is nothing but a personal identification on web each website on the web has a unique domain name and hence its assigned IP Address.

This is not as much complicated as it sounds Domain name is simply your address on the web so that any user can easily invoke your website from across the globe.

Now I am going to tell you.The rule of thumb for selecting a domain name.

Step 1:  

I assume that you have selected your niche as music now  its time to see the importance of keyword in selecting a domain name so as to get a huge traffic.

Step 2:

Taking help of google AdWord for selecting your keyword. google AdWord provides a free tool for searching your keyword.
following are the screen shots.

goto -


click on the keyword Tool under Tools and Analysis Menu.

now type your keyword and hit will get following result in my keyword search i searched for how to play guitar and i get around one million global monthly is the screen shot.


Hence google adwords give us the clear picture of keyword search which is really important for your domain name to have a good traffic.

Now you have selected your keyword according to the global monthly searches now its time to book your can book your domain online through or there are numerous vendors available to book your domain name just check the domain name availability and order your domain.

Its time for hosting your website on the cloud so that it is accessible from anywhere around the world.

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