Monday, 12 November 2012

Hosting Your Website

phil collins | 11/12/2012 |

what is web hosting? how to host your website?

Once your website is ready now you need to host your website on the internet so that it is being accessible around the world via world wide web.

Hosting is something like putting all your website information on the internet for example your website posts,images,files and folder from your personal computer to the web server.

Or in simple terms hosting is like putting your website from your pc to the computer over internet which is on 24/7 so that it handles any request any time and serve your website as a response and hence your website is accessible anytime anywhere.

There are number of web hosting provider available on internet and they have different web hosting plans available.I like the they too have the different hosting plan with them.This is up to you which plan you choose for your domain.but i will recommend you to choose those plans where you can host multiple domains like in the same hosting plan and you need not to pay extra for that.

you can also host your website for free on the sub domains like blogspot or wordpress.
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I am giving step by step procedure to host your website.

Step 1: goto or any what you select for your web hosting your Hosting plans by clicking VIEW WEB HOSTING PLANS.

Step 2: select your plan

Step 3: Enter your existing domain name or select a domain name if you dont have a domain.

Step 4: Give your credit cards details to buy a service.

Step 5: Once your transaction is successful you will recieve an email listing your username and password.keep that username and password confidential and do make a note of it.

Step 6: Click on the link which is being sent through an email and visit your control panel.

Step 7: Create FTP Account. this FTP (file transfer protocol) Account will allow you to transfer your website information from your pc to the live internet.

When these steps are finished you are good to go live on internet
check your website just typing your and see if you are getting your homepage.

thanks for reading this post.
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