Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Good Niche Key To Success

phil collins | 11/11/2012 |

What is NICHE? and why is it so important for your website to earn a good income.step by step explanation.

Step 1:  Selecting a good niche

Niche is a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it.well i guess it sounds little tricky or like a tech jargon let me explain about it. if you want to create a website specially for making money from that then this is you who will have to decide what are you good at,for example if you know a lot about music then obviously you would like to create a website about music so that you can write a lot of music related content in that,the rule of thumb is you write your own content of your website rather than copying it from other website which is totally not accepted when your goal is to earn a good income.

Step 2: Checking traffic for your niche.

Once you have selected your niche and you are ready with some of your own ideas then you have to select a keyword for your domain name.Domain name is your personal identification on web for example here is a domain name which is uniquely identified on the would also like to know the related tips for choosing a domain name.

You can read my new post on Selecting a domain name for your niche and get a good traffic

There are lot of tools available for selecting a keyword for your domain depending upon the traffic but i will strongly recommend the google AdWord for this.Google adword is a product of google which consist of a tool through which you can check which keyword is being typed by the millions of people across the globe for their respective search.

For instance if you type How to play guitar in google adword tool then you will get a result in million.this means there are millions of people who search for How to play guitar and fortunately you are good at music you know how to play guitar you can write a lot of content for playing guitar then congratulation your niche is being selected have your suitable keyword and go for it.

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