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10 Things to keep in mind before applying for google Adsense.

phil collins | 11/27/2012 |

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First of all I would like to share my experience when i was applying for google adsense program..

couple of days ago i applied for the google adsense and the very next day i got an email by google adsense team that your application does not meet our program criteria.

So i was little disappointed i got disapproved in my first attempt then i read
google adsense terms and conditions again and later i realized why i get disapproved by google adsense.

Getting into adsense program is not an easy task these days.we must have to keep things in mind which adheres to google adsense terms and conditions.

perhaps all of us know that google adsense is the world's largest ad network and works at Pay Per Click System.Google adsense paying rate is much better than any other networks so that is the reason it has gain popularity among the Bloggers and Web developers.since 

everybody is looking for adsense approval so Adsense team has made the approval system very strict.we make little mistakes and get disapproved by adsense every time hence we need a complete guidance and some some useful tips before applying for adsense program.

After a long search and reading adsense terms and condition i concluded with 10 strong points to keep in mind before applying for adsense.

                    10 Things to keep in mind Before Applying for Google Adsense

1. Content Type:

Content Type  truly  matters a lot.Google Adsense is not for Pornographic,Illegal Items,Drugs or other Blogs  which has these Illegal contents.Also Adsense approval doesnt apply on a Non English Blog and shorter post length is also marks a bad impression.

Though there is no any restriction that you cant place ads of others when you are using Adsense however its better to remove the ads at the time when you are applying for Adsense. 

2. Contact Us Page:

Contact Us Page provide your blog readers to speak up to you and tell how they feel about your Blog.Specially what they like and dont what they want to read and what to edit.
It also shows the Adsense Team that you care about your readers and you are not only for the money making purpose.

3. Privacy Policy :

The major common mistakes that every Blogger makes before applying for google adsesnse is that they don't have Privacy Policy for their blog there are a bunch of people out there who says Does Privacy Policy for Blog makes sense? The answer is absolutely yes.
The Privacy Policy actually describes your readers about what they will get on your Blog,the things to do and don't.After all there is no harm in having a Privacy Policy.While it may affect somehow on getting Approved by Adsense,so you must give it a try.Writing Privacy Policy is not a rocket science you can write it of your own or find Privacy Policy Generators online and you can do it easily without taking any help from lawyer.

4. About Page:

If your blog or website doesnt made for monetizing purpose then its ok but About Page plays major role if you are plannig for adsense approval and if you dont have an About Page then chances for getting approved by google adsense reduced to zero.

About Page describes your Blog or website about you the author.This will help you establishing a relationship with readers and to make trust upon you.

5. Age Verification:

Make sure to publish  your age as same as on Adsense Application Form.If you are under 18 then you have a hard luck because you have to wait till you become 18.Google adsense is not for under 18.So be careful before typing your age.

6. Minimum Number of Posts:

Oh again here is the question How many Posts should be there for Approval?There is no appropriate answer yet because i have seen so many people who have thousand of post still dont have an adsense account and someone having 20-30 posts are approved by adsense and they are making money.As per my opinion your blog must have atleast 50 posts and Post length should be minum 400+ words.

7. Name/ Email Verification

Put your Name and Email address in some visible area in your blog page like About Me or Contact Us pages this confirms the Adsense Team that he is the same person who applied for Adsense or it is to be assure that this is not some spam,crappy bots.

8. Top Level Domain

Gone are the days when Adsense used to approve Blogspot and WordPress sub domain.As for today,If you are really interested in your blog then have a top level Domain this shows your eagerness and passion about your blog.So here is again a red signal with the Sub Domain.
And domain age also plays a major role in adsense approval.In Most  Asian Countries Adsense has placed domain age restriction.The Domain age must be 6 months old.

9. Other Ad Networks

If you are having other Ads Placed in your blog like Infolinks,Chitika or Clicksor please drop them off before Applying.

10. Design

Your blog design is the biggest thing to be considered after Content because this shows your experience,Professionalism and expertise.So be Careful about anything that kills your Chances to get Approved.

Your Queries and Suggestions are most welcomed!


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  1. really nice post..i will make this 10 things memorize before applying for adsense..Thanks again